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  • top 10 lgbtq movie characters

    Top 10: LGBTQ+ Movie Characters (0 submissions)

    Pride month continues with familiar faces who represent the best that LGBTQ+ cinema has to offer. Some are hard to love, some harder to let go, but all of them have profoundly touched the inner lives of the queer community pre and post-closet. An array of exceptional Hollywood talent brought these dynamic protagonists to life, […] More

  • timotheechalamet callme

    Top 10: Best Performances of LGBTQ+ Characters From This Decade

    To kick off Pride Month, this list celebrates ten of the best portrayals of LGBTQ+ characters in the recent decade. While there have been great portrayals beforehand, this decade has made some admirable progressive strides. For instance, transgender actors are gaining traction, while portrayals of queer people of color continue to grow more prominent. There […] More

  • the equalizer 2

    Film Review: ‘The Equalizer 2’ Finds Diminishing Returns for Denzel Washington

    The first ever Denzel Washington sequel. When you read those words, you initially think that he must have followed up one of his hits in the past. However, peruse his resume, and you won’t find any. You’ll also notice that almost none of his previous outings fit for franchise status. “The Equalizer” did though, that’s […] More