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    Top 10: Billion Dollar Movies (Open list) (0 submissions)

    With so much uncertainty around how the movie industry will look when we are on the other side of this worldwide event, it would surprise no one if we didn’t see any movie hit it big at the box office. Crowd-pleasing movies have moved their release dates and the cinema experience may change forever. At […] More

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    Production on James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Sequels Postponed

    James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequels have been in the works for quite some time, with the wait for their release a long one. Now due to the growing global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, the sequels have taken another hit with production in New Zealand now delayed. Deadline reports that while no filming will take place, […] More

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    What’s On TV? – Sunday (06/30/2019) – Will ‘The Loudest Voice’ Triumph?

    This week sees several new and returning programs for both cable and network television, now that the summer season has begun in earnest. Whether it’s the exploration of a controversial political figure, an amnesiac woman’s quest to rediscover her identity, or the collaboration between an NYPD detective and a professor who specializes in abnormal behavior, […] More

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    What’s on TV? – Monday (6/3/19) – Technical Wizardry & Makeup Mastery

    From historical documentaries to family fun movies and reality tv shows, there’s a lot of programming to choose from tonight. National Geographic commemorates the anniversary of “Operation Overlord” by re-airing their moving chronicling the historical event of D-Day through eye-witness testimonies of the men and women involved. Also on tonight, James Cameron‘s CGI masterpiece, “Avatar”. […] More

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    Disney-Fox Update Release Schedules, ‘Avatar’ Sequels Pushed Back, New ‘Star Wars’ Films Announced

    Disney-Fox has announced an updated schedule for all their slated projects to release in the coming years. The schedule reveals some serious bumps for James Cameron’s slate of “Avatar” sequels. The second installment will release in 2021, with a sequel releasing every other year afterward. The Disney-Fox joint also detail new untitled entries for the […] More

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    Michelle Yeoh to Join James Cameron ‘Avatar’ Sequels

    Michelle Yeoh has been cast in the “Avatar” sequels for James Cameron. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the “Crazy Rich Asians” star is headed to the habitat of Pandora. From the THR article: The actress will play a scientist named Dr. Karina Mogue in the upcoming series of Avatar sequels. “Throughout her career, Michelle […] More

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    Edie Falco Cast in James Cameron’s Upcoming ‘Avatar’ Sequels

    As James Cameron’s relentless efforts to return to Pandora take shape, new cast members continue to join the director’s ventures. The latest addition to his forthcoming “Avatar” sequels is Edie Falco. The Emmy-winning actress is officially part of Cameron’s universe, though it’s unclear for how many installments. Falco will star as General Ardmore, who is […] More

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    Genre Geeks: 5 Franchise Crossover Ideas

    In light of recent films like “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Ready Player One” that blend popular movie characters and worlds alike into one exhilarating mosh pit, I thought it would be fun to surmise crossover films whose franchises complement each other. Here are five of the biggest cinematic universes that deserve future collision. Crossover: “Star […] More

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    INTERVIEW: Visual Effects Master Joe Letteri Discusses Creating Worlds, Creatures, and ‘War for The Planet of the Apes’

    When it comes to Visual Effects in film, Joe Letteri has worked on some of the biggest and best. The four-time Academy Award winner started his career at Industrial Light and Magic before transitioning to WETA. Working for the two biggest effects companies in the industry, Letteri had the opportunity to design for films like […] More

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    Production Begins on ‘Avatar’ Sequels

    Eight years after “Avatar” wowed audiences with stunning visuals, the long-planned sequel begins production today. Deadline reports that principle photography on the first of four sequels began in Manhattan Beach. The films will be shot in succession, much the way Peter Jackson’s ground-breaking “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was filmed. It will be the longest […] More