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    2019 Oscar Circuit: Best Costume Design

    The Costume Design category often contains some of the wildest and most interesting nominees in any given year. Usually this is because the Costume Designers often look beyond the Best Picture frontrunners and towards genre and period pieces doing interesting work. Of the past ten winners, five came from films without a Best Picture nomination […] More

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    Interview: Mayes C. Rubeo On Shoes, Capes, and the Costumes of ‘Jojo Rabbit’

    Mayes C. Rubeo has designed costumes for some of the biggest studios, on some of the biggest movies. She worked on films from “Avatar” to “World War Z,” assembling a portfolio of incredible work. In 2017, Rubeo first worked with director Taika Waititi on “Thor: Ragnarok.” It was not long after that film became a […] More

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    INTERVIEW: Mary Zophres Talks Costume Design, Her Oscar Nomination, and The Coens

    Throughout her career, costume designer Mary Zophres has worked for some of the biggest filmmakers in Hollywood. Nominated for multiple Oscars in her career, her designs are instantly noticeable. Last year, she had a pair of projects that offered up some of the most distinctive costumes of the season. So, to get inside her head […] More

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    Interview: Marci Rodgers Discusses Designing Costumes for ‘BlacKkKlansman’

    Spike Lee‘s “BlacKkKlansman” has found its way into the hearts of audiences across the country. The film, which is set in the 1970s, is unfortunately just as relevant for today’s audience as it was in the period it visits. To fully develop the world inhabited by Ron Stallworth, who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan some […] More

  • The Beguiled

    Circuit Considerations: Stacey Battat in ‘The Beguiled’ for Best Costume Design

    Oscar ballots were sent to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, or better known as the Academy members, on Friday, Jan. 5.  We’ll be using the next week to remind the voting membership of our favorite films and performance of 2017 that they should consider when filling out their ballots!  If you missed one, […] More

  • Viola Davis

    2016 Awards Profile: ‘Fences’ from Denzel Washington

    Welcome to the 2016 Awards Profiles series, where we talk about high and low-profile films coming to a theater near you at some point this year.  We will analyze the potential for these films to be players for the Academy Awards, and while many of these have the potential to be recognized, many will not […] More

  • What a Lovely Day! — Warner Bros. going hard for ‘Mad Max: Fury Road?’

    Warner Bros. has launched its 2015 FYC site!  While it’s certainly a time for excitement for those of us wanting the Oscars to ride eternal, shiny and chrome, we must also remember that the mere presence of a film on an FYC site does NOT mean that said studio is going to campaign a) at […] More

  • Costume Designers Guild Nominations include ‘Boyhood’, ‘Interstellar’, and ‘Selma’

    Somewhat in the shadow of the same day announcement of the Writers Guild of America nominations, the Costume Designers Guild also announced their awards nominations. Go figure too, I’d argue that the costume designers came up with a slightly better list of nominees than the writers did. As always, these nominations are split between three […] More

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    STUDIO CIRCUIT: Walt Disney Pictures Going ‘Big’ with ‘Woods’

    Last year, Walt Disney Pictures had a slate with a ton of potential. A biopic about their titular founder based off one of the most successful and beloved movie musicals of all time. A billion dollar animated musical phenomenon. A Pixar movie. And a movie with production design by Robert Stromberg. Oh, and The Lone […] More

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