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  • cuaron dga

    Culture Circuit: Thank You, Academy, For Saving ‘Roma’ From You

    Walking through the airport of a major Mexican city as I did this weekend, you’d notice a peculiar phenomenon. “Roma” fever has gripped the country. You heard, perhaps, about the ‘Romafest’ that gripped the capital on Oscar Sunday. Free screenings, a festival in the eponymous neighborhood to broadcast the awards. And the excitement extended beyond […] More

  • 41

    Top 10: The Best “Best Picture” Winners Since 2000

    The race for Best Picture often brings out the worst in everyone. You may love two or three of nominees, but whichever aren’t your top choice, folks seem to immediately hate on. Remember how “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” went from beloved to a social medial punching bag, for example? Then, once the Academy Awards […] More