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    Top 10: Films Featuring SNL Alumni

    For 45 years, “Saturday Night Live” has been a comedy institution. By embodying dozens of memorable characters, the show has produced some of the best comedians to ever exist. With this, it’s no secret why many of SNL’s best comedians were also able to make us laugh on the big screen. With the release of […] More

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    Circuit Battles: 80s Movie Cop During Quarantine

    The 1980s Movie Cops To Quarantine With During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we bring you this hypothetical question: which of the two iconic movie cops of the 1980s would you rather be quarantined with right now? Is it the explosive killing machine John McClane (played by Bruce Willis in “Die Hard“) or is […] More

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    Circuit Q&A: Favorite Action Film From the 1980s?

    By contemporary norms, tentpole properties dominate the action genre. However, the 1980s originated such franchises that shaped the pop culture lexicon we still know today. The budgets on those films weren’t as big as their eventual sequels, but what they may have lacked in grand spectacle, they made up for in concept. 1984’s “The Terminator” […] More