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  • joan cusack

    What’s On TV? (10/15/19)- ‘Addams Family Values’ to Bring Frights and Laughs

    It’s a great day to get into the Halloween spirit. For starters, “Addams Family Values” airs to provide creeps and laughs while a series based on a popular horror franchise returns to the small screen. Plus, there are a few prominent adaptations of acclaimed horror novels airing to continue holiday festivities as well. Here’s a […] More

  • ma

    Top 10: Female Horror Villains

    Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers. Those seem to be everyone’s de facto picks when discussing the best horror movie villains. Even Dracula and Frankenstein’s creature get their fair share of shoutouts. However, the ladies don’t seem to get much love. There have been some amazing, sinister women in the horror genre, but they […] More