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    Trailergate: The Great Trailer Debate

    There’s the infamous Watergate scandal; sports followers still get a kick out of Crygate; and Antennagate  briefly plagued Apple’s release of the iPhone 4.  Well, here’s a new one for you: Trailergate.  It’s completely made-up and involves no impeachable offenses or villainous superstar athletes, so bear with me while I set this up. DISCLAIMER: This […] More

  • Which Scenes from 2011 will you remember?

    Much like Kris Tapley over at In Contention does his list of the 10 best shots of each year, I like to do something similar as well here at The Awards Circuit. The wrinkle for me is that I go with the best/most memorable scenes of the year. It’s also kind of a tie in/companion […] More

  • Year-In-Review (Editor’s Honorable Mentions)

    2011 presented a nice eclectic view of cinema we haven’t seen throughout the years.  If we summed it up to a ‘theme’ for the year, “silence” or “origins of cinema” would come to mind.  Films like Michel Hazanavicius’ “The Artist” and Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” would fall in line with those thoughts.  When creating my ballots […] More

  • Circuit Consideration: Dan Fogelman

    For Your Consideration: Best Original Screenplay Film: “Crazy, Stupid, Love” Director: Glenn Ficarra & John Requa Screenplay: Dan Fogelman Realistic Nominations: None Oscar Scene: Cal: How about we say what we want on three? One, two, three. Emily: I want a divorce. Cal: [at the same time] Creme brulee. The summer film season comes and […] More

  • Comedy…It’s a Funny Thing

    Comedy…something the Academy Awards haven’t normally warmed up to in its 83 year history.  When Oscar goes for comedy it’s usually in a “dramedy” or “smart comedy” sort of fashion.  Look at last year’s The Kids Are All Right.  They’ve never went for slapstick or raunchy that typically makes big box office.  It’s not them. […] More

  • Box Office Final (9/9-9/11/11): “Contagion” Is #1

    After actual counts were reported, “Contagion” ruled the box office rankings in a poorly attended weekend, the lowest grossing weekend for the Top 12 films since, interestingly, the same comparable weekend in 2010.   Outside of the Top 12 however, two films achieved levels of infamy not seen in years. CONTAGION As indicated yesterday, the star-studded […] More

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love. (Multiple Reviews)

    Michael Ward’s Review (***) Crazy, Stupid, Love. is as wonderfully entertaining a film as it is frustrating. There are moments that grab your heart in a genuine and real way and others that clumsily feel around for a pulse. The dichotomy between deciphering what is real and true and what is disingenuous and false does […] More