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  • Image from the movie "My Spy" 2020

    Film Review: ‘My Spy’ Is Cliched but Somewhat Charming

    It is a time-honored tradition that every big, tough action star must show their softer side in a family friendly movie with a pint-sized co-star. Schwarzenegger had “Kindergarten Cop.” Vin Diesel was “The Pacifier.” For John Cena, it was “Playing With Fire.” And now, Dave Bautista takes his turn in Amazon’s latest, “My Spy.” Bautista […] More

  • instant family

    Circuit Q&A – Family Friendly Action Heroes

    For decades now, our favorite action heroes have been venturing into family friendly affairs. Away go the explosions and R-ratings in exchange for a child sidekick and buckets of laughs. To coincide with the release of “My Spy” in which Dave Bautista pairs up with a nine year old apprentice, it’s time to look back over […] More

  • my spy

    Dave Bautista’s ‘My Spy’ Heading to Amazon Prime

    While the coronavirus pandemic rages on, many of the films affected by it are beginning to see new release dates. Just last week, Disney announced new dates for “Mulan” and “Black Widow“ with “Artemis Fowl,” heading straight to Disney+. Before that, Paramount slotted “A Quiet Place Part II” in Sept. and “Top Gun: Maverick” in […] More

  • Stuber

    Film Review: ‘Stuber’ Delivers Laughs in Small Doses

    Hollywood continues to try recapturing the magic of the odd couple/buddy cop flick. The latest addition is “Stuber,” an R-rated comedy that throws an Uber driver into an unexpected ride along with a rogue detective determined to get his man. Kumail Nanjiani is Stu, an underachieving retail worker who supplements his income driving for Uber […] More

  • Hotel Artemis

    WATCH: Jodie Foster Checks Sterling K. Brown into ‘Hotel Artemis’ in Official Trailer

    Global Road Entertainment released the official trailer for its upcoming sci fi/action/thriller, “Hotel Artemis.” The film takes place in a near-future Los Angeles where the streets are dangerous riot zones. One woman, The Nurse, runs a secret safe haven and hospital for criminals who need a place to hide. The secret hospital is known as […] More

  • 23915830 1105336689602262 8466980899470296839 n

    WATCH: The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Official Trailer Arrives!

    After teasing it throughout the day on Tuesday, Marvel Studios released the official trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” on Wednesday morning. The long promised film unites all of the currently introduced MCU characters. This, however, does not count the X-Men or Deadpool, because Disney and Marvel do not hold the rights to those characters. But […] More