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  • Come Away
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    Sundance Review: ‘Come Away’ Doesn’t Have Enough Fairy Dust to Leave the Ground

    2020 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: Neverland and Wonderland come together in “Come Away,” the new film from Brenda Chapman. Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo are Rose and Jack Littleton, a happy couple raising their three adventurous children outside of London. David (Reece Yates), Peter (Jordan A. Nash), and Alice (Keira Chansa) are happy in their idyllic […] More

  • david oyelowo

    Circuit Q&A: Favorite David Oyelowo Performance?

    David Oyelowo remains an unsung star of the big screen. The actor disappears into every role he plays, generating transformative, formidable performances. He can go from leading to supporting roles with ease. His latest vehicle, however, is a leading venture. In the upcoming sci-fi/horror flick “Don’t Let Go,” Oyelowo plays a cop who tragically loses its […] More

  • david oyelowo

    Genre Geeks: 10 Actors in Upcoming Sci-Fi/Horror Films Hoping for Oscar Attention

    Every year a slew of award-worthy performances in genre movies go unrecognized, primarily from notable actors attempting to challenge their craft. Studios small and grandiose even incorporate their stars’ radical transformations into their respective marketing campaigns. A concerted effort is put forth by all, and yet the Academy doesn’t budge for recognition’s sake. Hoping to […] More

  • Gringo Still

    Film Review: ‘Gringo’ Disappoints, Despite its Perfect Cast

    While some films are already starting to position themselves in next year’s Oscar conversation, the new film “Gringo” is also on target for awards talk. Razzie Awards. David Oyelowo is Harold, a kind, and generally clueless pharmaceutical rep. Harold is the kind of guy everyone else takes advantage of just because they can. His trusting […] More

  • Cloverfield1

    Film Review: ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ Is Even More Shallow Than Its Gimmick

    Netflix and Paramount shocked audiences when they aired an unexpected trailer for “The Cloverfield Paradox” during the SuperBowl. It wasn’t shocking due to any of the content in the trailer. It was the end slate which touted “coming to Netflix very soon.” By “very soon,” they meant right after the Super Bowl. Moments into this […] More

  • cloverfieldliberty 171692

    WATCH: Netflix Surprises With Trailer and Announcement for ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’

    After months of speculation, rumor, and changing release dates, Netflix premiered the first trailer for the third film in the “Cloverfield” franchise. The previously untitled film is now called “The Cloverfield Paradox,” and will premiere on Netflix “soon.” It turns out “soon” is tonight after the Super Bowl! “The Cloverfield Paradox” stars Chris O’Dowd, Daniel […] More

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    WATCH: Meet David Oyelowo as Harold in New Featurette for ‘Gringo’

    Amazon Studios and STX Entertainment are preparing for the release of their upcoming film, “Gringo,” with an all new featurette. The film is a dark comedy about Harold, a mild-mannered pharmaceutical rep who runs into trouble during a business trip to Mexico. Harold’s boss, Richard, is mixed up with a cartel kingpin known as The […] More

  • davidoyelowo

    David Oyelowo Signs On to Doug Liman’s ‘Chaos Walking’

    Actor David Oyelowo is the latest start to join the cast of Doug Liman‘s upcoming dystopian film, “Chaos Walking,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film is adapted from the novel by Patrick Ness. IMDB’s synopsis describes “Chaos Walking” as: “A dystopian world where there are no women and all living creatures can hear each […] More

  • russell crowe arc of justice

    Russell Crowe Eyes Race Drama ‘Arc of Justice’ With David Oyelowo

    Russell Crowe is circling the race drama “Arc of Justice,” according to new reports. Should the deal close, Crowe would join “Selma” star David Oyelowo, who is currently officially attached to the film. “Narcos” director Jose Padilha is directing the film based on Kevin Boyle’s 2004 nonfiction book of the same name. The book’s official synopsis also provides […] More

  • fifty shades darker

    Weekend Openings: Batman, Bondage, Sequels and Spin-offs

    This weekend more or less sums up Hollywood these days. All of the major new releases are either sequels or spin-offs. Originality at its finest, right? At least one of these has Batman in it, since the one with supposedly hot sex is a real dud. Alas, here are the films hitting theaters near you […] More

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