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  • bestof2018 davis

    Best of 2018: Giving the “Unconventional” Prizes Out – Part 2

    Continuing the Best of 2018 series, yesterday saw the first wave of personal feelings and citations on what the last year had to offer and what were the standouts. Down below, we look at the remaining of the “Unconventional” categories and the very best of each one. Make sure to share your thoughts and personal […] More

  • bestof2018 davis

    Best of 2018: The “Unconventional Look” at the Past Year Begins – Part 1

    With 2018 officially behind us, it’s time to start the annual reflection on what the cinematic year had to offer.  More so, this offers an opportunity for a personal reflection on what this year said in my own life.  Never has a year, in my 34-year existence, had some of the highest highs, and the […] More


    Best of 2016 Series Begins Jan. 2 w/ ACCA, Community FYC Gallery, and 1st Annual “Awards Circuit In Line 100 Series”

    With the holiday weekend in front of us, Academy voters are buckling down to watch their screeners. General audiences will finally be able to catch up on a few things they’ve heard about since Telluride, Toronto and New York. With that, one of the staples of Awards Circuit is its dedication to its community of […] More

  • filmediting 2015

    Best of 2015: Who and What SHOULD Be Given Oscars for the Year!

    The 2015 Year-in-Review continues as I’ve already weighed in with the Top 10 films of the year along my personal ballot.  It’s now time to take those nominations and name a winner, films, performances, and craftsmen I would award for their extrordinary work. Click through the gallery to see all the winners below: BEST ACTOR […] More

  • Picture

    Best of 2014: Personal Ballot for the Year

    We are three days away from AMPAS turning in their Oscar ballots.  2014 is officially behind us, and with this, I reveal my personal ballot for the year in film.  Some of these categories were no brainers, nothing to hardly think about.  Others were more cutthroat than ever before.  I can only hope that AMPAS […] More

  • violentyear image

    Best of 2014: The Top 10 Films of the Year

    There were a few instances over the course of 2014 where nothing was really blowing me away.  What seems to be the consensus among many is that 2014 was a subpar year.  I don’t share those sentiments but I will agree that the first half seemed to be rougher than most we’ve had in the […] More

  • Davis Awards for 1998 Revealed!

    The Awards Circuit Community Awards winners for Year 1998 will be announced on the podcast this week.  With lots of people weighing in on what they thought the year should have looked like, I offer my own take on a very top heavy year in cinema.  Lots happened in 1998.  I graduated grammar school, started […] More

  • ACCA Voting Opens, First Annual Circuit Awards Announced!

    It’s that time of the year! The Awards Circuit Community Awards have officially opened up for voting for 2012. A staple of the Awards Circuit, we are the only awards site that gives its community a voice. Hopefully most of our readers have seen the majority of contenders but this is also the place to […] More

  • 2012 Davis Awards Continue w/ Best Actor

    No other category has given me more ulcers than Best Actor.  As the Davis Award citations continue daily, my personal ballot for Lead Actor has been updated.  I know many of you will find faults and will sing the praises for other actors but that’s what our comment section is for.  Include your personal ballot […] More

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    Davis Awards 2000 Announced!

    Taking a break from all this Bat-talk.  Trekking through the year 2000 was a daunting task.  There were many films I hadn’t seen in years, while others I’ve never feasted my eyes on before.  Naturally this brings on a dilemma.  A 15-year-old Clayton watching movies is very different from a now, 28-year-old Clayton.  I like […] More

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