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  • Historical Circuit: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (**)

    In anticipation of the upcoming Blackthorn, a “What If” on the exploits on an old Butch Cassidy, I decided to take a look back at Hollywood’s classic tale of the infamous duo.  The top grossing film of its year, at the time the top grossing western of all time and a critical success (at the time), […] More

  • John’s TIFF Diary: Day One

    TIFF is always a joy to attend, as the world of cinema is on display with the very best directors on the globe displaying their new films in hopes of starting that all-important Oscar buzz.  Suffice to say that many films arrived here with buzz already attached, and I greatly anticipated this year’s festival. The […] More

  • Hesher (**½)

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a completely gonzo and borderline brilliant performance in the oddity that is Hesher, but sadly the offbeat indie doesn’t have a whole lot else going for it.  I’d never categorize this as a “bad” film, but it never really finds its footing and the plot really lacks enough of a point to […] More

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    Every Day (**½)

    I’m not exactly sure what the point of the dramedy Every Day is, since it seems to be about absolutely nothing.  Sure, it’s supposed to be about a family in a bit of a crisis, but it never feels that way.  There are nice performances to be found, but the story really goes nowhere and […] More

  • Win Win (***)

    A good movie that never quite elevates itself up into the upper echelons that it obviously wants to reside in, Win Win is a light dramedy that lacks the extra ingredient.  Writer/director Thomas McCarthy has made his most satisfying feature yet in my eyes (but keep in mind, I’m lukewarm on his debut The Station […] More