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    Film Review: ‘6 Balloons’ Flatlines as a Drug Drama

    There’s a long tradition of comedy actors fielding praise for going dramatic. Robin Williams has earned Oscars for it. Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell and Kristin Wiig have all gained shocks and accolades for their skill at changing it up. Netflix’s latest film “6 Balloons” wants to do the same for Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco. […] More

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    Film Review: ‘Kingsman: Golden Circle’ Goes Over The Top With Fun

    Action sequels are a dime a dozen at the movies today. The film industry is currently reeling from a summer that was stuffed with too many sequels no one wanted. This sequel mentality is what led to the record low summer box office. After the original “Kingsman: Secret Service” became a runaway $400+ million global […] More