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  • The Light Between Oceans Trailer
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    Film Review: ‘The Light Between Oceans’ has class but falters the message of love

    A film full of class, and one of the most aesthetically beautiful films to grace the screens this year, Derek Cianfrance’s “The Light Between Oceans” manages some tender and enchanting moments.  With that said, it stumbles and falters in certain executions of character motivation and generic story structure.  Cianfrance has performed remarkably well in his other […] More

  • 1401x788 SAUSAGE PARTY02

    Film Review: ‘Sausage Party’ Brings Raunchy Laughs and an Oscar Worthy Song

    Animation has never been such a fantastic blend of fun and dirty as seen in “Sausage Party” from Sony Pictures.  Created as the movie your perverted older brother made in high school but you can’t help but love him for it, the definitely offensive but enthusiastically rapturous romp is the surprise hit of the summer. Directors […] More

  • batman v superman 02

    Film Review: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (★★)

    Working through the early announcements to now, and finally seeing the result of Zack Snyder’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” has been like going through the seven stages of grief and loss.  With the film’s challenging flaws to overcome, there’s some exciting and pulse-pounding moments to admire greatly.  Let’s work through it: Step 1 […] More

  • Star Wars

    Film Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (★★★½)

    There has been an awakening…and it is good.  In 1977, George Lucas gave birth to “Star Wars: A New Hope.”  A monumental achievement that has bled over into generations and now, will reach a new wave of future generations with the newest installment.  “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is a smart, keen, and dynamic installation […] More

  • joy770

    Film Review: Joy (★★)

    David O. Russell seems to have made a self-indulgent attempt to return to his quirky filmmaking style which garnered him a legion of lovers following “I Heart Huckabees” and “Flirting with Disaster.”  However, it seems he tried to mix his “acclaimed” straight-forward style that has made him a bonafide Oscar favorite with “The Fighter” and “American […] More

  • revenant2

    Film Review: The Revenant (★★★½)

    Like a one-man solo act such as “All is Lost” and “Gravity,” Alejandro González Iñárritu‘s newest and most ambitious work “The Revenant” blends one man’s fight to survive with the even more visible theme of vengeance.  With a career that is full of tremendous performances, five-time Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio offers an intense and […] More

  • bigshottrailer

    Film Review: The Big Short (★½)

    Adam McKay’s “The Big Short” opens with a narration from Ryan Gosling, already in a similar aesthetic to that of Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” but blended with a delivery that we might have seen on NBC’s “The Office” when it was on television.  As a matter of fact, it injects the sexy […] More

  • concussion

    Film Review: Concussion (★★½)

    An inspiring academic by the name of Dr. Bennet Omalu takes on the titan of Sundays, the NFL, in order to prove a direct link from head trauma during football games to CTE, a football related injury that occurs.  Writer/director Peter Landesman takes on the very detailed, and dramatic thriller “Concussion,” with an insightful amount of […] More

  • anomalisa

    Film Review: Anomalisa (★★★★)

    There comes a moment in “Anomalisa,” from co-directors Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, where you stop fighting the need to try to understand the weird yet invigorating story structure, and surrender to all the quirks, charm, and emotional tension its displaying on screen.  Hypnotizing in the words and expressions of its stop-motion characters, Kaufman’s screenplay […] More

  • room poster slice

    Film Review: Room (★★★½)

    Director Lenny Abrahamson taps into the human spirit, pure and unhindered in his film “Room,” adapted from the novel by Emma Donaghue, who writes the film’s screenplay.  Anchored by two tremendous performances from Brie Larson and young Jacob Tremblay, “Room” mixes an emotionally harrowing story with classic film techniques that surprises even the most dedicated […] More

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