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  • This Is Not a Burial Its a Resurrection Still 1

    Sundance Review: ‘This Is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection’ Is a Jarring and Important Experience in Experimental Filmmaking

    2020 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: Nestled within the borders of South Africa is the Kingdom of Lesotho. Its two million inhabitants are mostly farmers, though some go off to work in the diamond mines. Now this small, landlocked nation has produced the new film, “This Is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection,” which premiered this week […] More

  • Stuber

    Film Review: ‘Stuber’ Delivers Laughs in Small Doses

    Hollywood continues to try recapturing the magic of the odd couple/buddy cop flick. The latest addition is “Stuber,” an R-rated comedy that throws an Uber driver into an unexpected ride along with a rogue detective determined to get his man. Kumail Nanjiani is Stu, an underachieving retail worker who supplements his income driving for Uber […] More

  • Poms Cheerleading Club

    Film Review: ‘Poms’ Proves Any Age Can “Bring It On”

    As the Baby Boomer generation advanced toward retirement age, an entire new industry was born, dedicated to enticing the aging population to look forward to their golden years. Travel companies, social clubs, and senior living communities sprouted up around the country and have turned retirement into something to get excited about. It makes sense, then, […] More

  • Long Shot

    Film Review: Romance Is Sweet in Uneven ‘Long Shot’

    Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen are charming and sweet in, “Long Shot,” a romantic comedy that never rises to their level. Rogen is Fred Flasky, an idealistic journalist who suddenly finds himself unemployed when his outlet is acquired by a major media conglomerate. He turns to his buddy Lance (O’Shea Jackson, Jr), an ambiguously successful […] More


    Film Review: Beyonce’s ‘Homecoming’ Puts Fans Onstage at Bey-chella

    Some artists transcend every label applied to musical talent. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter isn’t a performer. She is a phenomenon. Once one third of the talented trio, Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé has transformed herself into something much more than a pop star. She doesn’t do concerts. She gives fans an experience. And her new concert documentary, “Homecoming: A […] More

  • Marsai Martin Little

    Film Review: ‘Little’ Brings Big Laughs to an Uneven Story

    Sometimes, even when a story doesn’t quite come together, it all still works. The new film “Little” is a perfect example. Often laugh-out-loud funny, this take on the body switch comedy sometimes wanders off its own path, but never loses its heart or humor. “Little” opens on 13-year-old Jordan Sanders (Marsai Martin), onstage at the […] More

  • The Beach Bum

    SXSW Review: ‘The Beach Bum’ Is Why We Don’t Do Drugs

    SXSW Film Festival: There is such a thing as too much weed, and the proof is in Harmony Korine‘s new stoner flick, “The Beach Bum.” Premiering at SXSW, Korine’s latest tells the story of Moondog (Matthew McConaughey), an over-the-hill stoner who spends his days dropping acid, smoking weed, and having a lot of sex. He […] More

  • Booksmart

    SXSW Review: Good Girls Make Their Own Kind of Fun in ‘Booksmart’

    SXSW Film Festival: Olivia Wilde brought her directorial debut, “Booksmart,” to SXSW and the crowds rejoiced. After decades of raunchy teen comedies focused on boys getting laid and or high, Wilde tells the tale from the perspective of two very good teenage girls. Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever are Molly and Amy, two lifelong best […] More

  • Captain Marvel

    Film Review: ‘Captain Marvel’ Is the Hero We’ve Been Waiting For

    Lady Marvel fans, rejoice! Not only does the MCU finally welcome its first solo heroine, but “Captain Marvel” is, in fact, the best Avenger of them all. Set in the pop culture wonderland that was 1995, “Captain Marvel” tells the story of Vers, an elite member of the Kree Starforce. Vers is separated from her […] More

  • GRETA 04990 C1549923467

    Film Review: ‘Greta’ Is a Bland Throwback to the 90s Thriller

    Once a staple of 90s horror/thriller cinema, the stalker subgenre takes an unfortunate step backward in Neil Jordan‘s new film, “Greta.” Chloë Grace Moretz is Frances, a recent New York City transplant still reeling from her mother’s death and father’s too-soon remarriage. One day, Frances is getting off the subway when she notices a handbag […] More

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