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    IFC Films Offers Library of Curated Programs in U.S. Theaters May 29

    IFC Films announced the Indie Theater Revival Project, an initiative to support its partner theaters as they get ready to reopen to the public in the coming weeks and months. The program includes a selection from the IFC archives as a way to fulfill screenings amid the absence of new releases. While the coronavirus pandemic […] More

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    You Can’t Vote for What You Don’t See – An Awards Season Plea

    I’m starting it early this year.  I’ve long championed some of the little guys but have admitted out loud, that I do fall into the consensus crowd more times than not.  I still agree with the rewarding of Slumdog Millionaire and am not offended by the rewarding of films like The King’s Speech, Chicago, or even Crash.  With that being […] More

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    Oscar Circuit – Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

    We are a few days away from the close of the second quarter and the first half of the 2013.  I think it’s safe to say, it’s been an uneventful stretch of cinematic wonders that can go the distance.  Some films lived up to their hype while many fell short or were simply flat-out poor […] More

  • 2014 Oscar Predictions for Original Screenplay Updated! – McCarthy vs. The Coens?

    One of the few categories that can truly celebrate originality and the creative juices that go into a project is Best Original Screenplay.  It’s the category that has been known to reward many different genres including comedies like Juno (2007), films about sexuality like The Crying Game (1991), even some science fiction if you consider […] More

  • Weekend Openings: 5/17/2013

    As he gears up for taking on another powerhouse space franchise, J.J. Abram presents the long-awaited sequel to his successful Trekkie reboot with the year’s latest summer blockbuster contender, Star Trek Into Darkness.  All the same cast and crew are back with the addition of the trending Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain.  Speaking of being back […] More

  • Top 10 Anticipated Films from 2013 Montclair Film Festival!

    Today kicks off the second annual Montclair Film Festival in Montclair, New Jersey.  Located about twenty miles outside of Manhattan, this quiet yet very compelling festival has quite a few highlights that will be showcased at this year’s festivities.  In its second year, the impressive slate will have lots of films getting some extra press […] More

  • First Trailer for Noah Baumbach’s ‘Frances Ha’

    Director Noah Baumbach co-wrote the screenplay for his latest film, Frances Ha, with the film’s star Greta Gerwig, who plays the titular character. I’ll let the synopsis for the film explain the rest: Frances is an apprentice for a dance company, but she’s not really a dancer. Frances has a best friend named Sophie, but they aren’t […] More

  • Sizing Up: Best Actress

    I’m back once again ladies and gentlemen to do some more Sizing Up! This time around I’m going to be tackling the somewhat slight Best Actress field. For many, this is the worst category of the majors this year and for some the hardest to figure out, especially in terms of a victor. The ultimate […] More

  • Wrapping up the 50th New York Film Festival!

    The 2012 New York Film Festival is now in the books ladies and gentleman, so there’s no better time to double back and take a look at what the 50th installment of the festival was actually like. This was my first time covering a festival of any sort. I saw some fantastic films, some very […] More

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