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    ‘FRIDAY THE 13TH’ 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Steelbook Arrives on May 5

    Read the press release: Revisit one of the most influential horror movies of all time with the 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Steelbook of FRIDAY THE 13TH, debuting on May 5, 2020, from Paramount Home Entertainment. Originally released on May 9, 1980, FRIDAY THE 13TH captured audiences’ imaginations and permeated our collective psyche.  The film spawned one of the longest-running and […] More

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    Circuit Q&A – Most Unlucky Film?

    Friday the 13th is usually known for two things: being an unlucky day and a movie where Jason Voorhies terrorizes camp counselors. On this cursed day, we are acknowledging motion pictures that have suffered some kind of rotten luck. Films like the new Bond film “No Time to Die,” which clearly has plenty. Before it […] More

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    Circuit Q&A – What’s Your Favorite Teen Slasher Film?

    Exactly thirty-nine years ago today, “Friday the 13th” was released in American cinemas. The popular horror film centered on a summer camp where a series of increasingly inventive murders take place. The film featured a cast of up-and-coming actors, many of whom have gone on to noteworthy careers (chief among them is Kevin Bacon, who […] More

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    Top 10: Best Horror/Fantasy Movies About Grief

    Both grief and loss are very dangerous monsters. In addition, the horror genre has illustrated how villainous they are in exaggerated yet terrifying ways. Also, some of the best horror films show how grief forces some people to tap into their depressive and/or violent instincts. The latest horror film “The Curse of La Llorona” is […] More

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    Jason Voorhees Lives: ‘Friday the 13th’ Reboot Might Come from LeBron James

    One of the iconic horror franchises to find its way to the big screen in the 1980s was “Friday the 13th” and the Jason Voorhees films. The franchise began as a ripoff and pseudo-commentary on “Psycho” but quickly became known for killing off teens at an unprecedented pace. High body counts, young victims, and sex […] More