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  • Halloween Madness 2017 Finals

    2017 Halloween Madness Champion is Crowned!

    After a fun holiday season, it’s time to officially crown our champion for Halloween Madness 2017! It was a fun year, full of monsters and frights, but in the end, we had two completely different finalists than last year. It is fun to get a new batch of finalists, but it’s even better to crown […] More

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    Halloween Madness Top 10: Ranking The ‘Saw’ Franchise

    If it’s Halloween (or Halloween Madness for us), it must be “Saw.” That was the promotion over more than half a decade for one of the horror’s most interesting franchises. With the release of “Jigsaw” (review here), last weekend bringing the series back to theaters now felt like a perfect opportunity to bring back a […] More

  • AnthonyHopkinsSilenceoftheLambsbanner

    Halloween Madness Final 4! Vote for the Finalists Now!

    We’re about to wrap up Halloween Madness 2017: Monsters! This year has been full of upsets and surprising pushes by characters and films that didn’t receive as much love last year. Coming into the competition, a final between Regan from “The Exorcist” and Jack Torrence from “The Shining” might have felt like a retread. However, our readers […] More

  • Ghostface

    Halloween Madness 2017: Division Finals are Now Open!

    We’re in the home stretch for Halloween Madness 2017, and it’s time for the division finals! Our Elite 8 is extremely stacked, but we found our way to some upsets in the last round. Without further ado, we’re going to give you those results, and jump into our Divisional Finals! Halloween Madness Sweet Sixteen Results […] More

  • Babadook

    Halloween Madness Round 3 Open for Voting!

    Welcome back to Halloween Madness 2017! We’ve had two great rounds so far with a lot of close matches so far. With two rounds down, we’re getting into the best rounds of the competition. We’ll review the 2nd round results before we open up the vote, so if you’re here to vote, scroll to the bottom […] More

  • Bride of Frankenstein

    Halloween Madness 2017 Round 2

    Welcome back to Halloween Madness 2017! Before we launch into Halloween Madness 2017 Round 2, we have to quickly go over the first round’s results. Some were surprising, to say the least, while others took care of business. The first round went mostly chalk, but there were a couple upsets to kick us off for […] More

  • Dracula

    Halloween Madness: Monsters Round 1 Open! Vote Now!

    It’s time to vote on the first round of Halloween Madness 2017! Before we get started, we’re going to introduce our write-in candidates for the 13th seeds. Then we’ll open up the voting to our readers! Let’s jump right in. The first vote-in was an obvious candidate given the time that we’ve started the voting. […] More

  • The shining e1475718745593
    in Announces HALLOWEEN MADNESS 2017!

    Welcome back everyone to Halloween Madness 2017! Last year, our readers voted on the best horror films of all time. Our final came down to Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” vs. “The Exorcist” in a battle of horror classics. “The Shining” took home the prize, but it was a very close race to the finish. With so […] More