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  • Instinct 0HERO
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    TIFF Film Review: ‘Instinct’ Plays a Dangerously Sexy Cat-and-Mouse Game

    2019 TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: People have long claimed that women prefer bad boys. Whether this is true or not, this widespread belief has formed the basis for many of the most popular films in history. With her daring directorial debut “Instinct,” Halina Reijn attempts to explore this phenomenon through the eyes of a trained […] More

  • the loudest voice

    What’s On TV? – Sunday (06/30/2019) – Will ‘The Loudest Voice’ Triumph?

    This week sees several new and returning programs for both cable and network television, now that the summer season has begun in earnest. Whether it’s the exploration of a controversial political figure, an amnesiac woman’s quest to rediscover her identity, or the collaboration between an NYPD detective and a professor who specializes in abnormal behavior, […] More