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    Film Review: ‘It: Chapter Two’ Knits Fear and Emotion But Fumbles Where It Counts

    The horror and fear of Pennywise, the dancing clown, has been a staple in the minds of many for decades following Tim Curry’s transformative work in the Made-for-TV movie from 1990.  Director Andy Muschetti reinvented not just the iconic character by casting the talented Bill Skarsgård in the terrifying role but gave heart and emotion […] More

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    Film Review: ‘Shazam!’ Has the Heart of a True Hero

    Finally! The DC Extended Universe has been largely a mess since Warner Bros. rushed to copy the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whereas the MCU had built up slowly, over multiple movies, towards “The Avengers,” the DCEU tried to turbocharge the process. This led to poor use of their A-list characters and a disastrous […] More

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    James Ransone Joins ‘IT: Chapter Two’ as Eddie Kaspbrak

    “IT: Chapter Two” has found its grown-up Eddie Kaspbrak. James Ransone will play the adult version of the role played by Jack Dylan Grazer in the first film. Eddie was one of the members of the “Losers Club” in both the novel and the films. As a child, he and his friends fought off the […] More

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    Production Begins on New Line Cinema’s “Shazam!”

    Production has officially begun on the next film in Warner Bros.’ DC queue. “Shazam!,” a New Line Cinema film, began filming in Toronto on Monday for the story of a kid from Philly who can become his own hero. Asher Angel (“Andi Mack”) plays a young foster kid named Billy Baston who can turn into […] More

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    Best of 2017: The Unconventional Categories Part 2

    Continuing the Unconventional Citations of 2017, where I remember the little things that hopefully cinephiles talk about around the cooler, lunch table, or the “safe haven” of a message board or chat. Go to the gallery below and check out the citations, along with nominees in select categories. The winners of those will be announced […] More

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    WATCH: New Line Cinema Releases New Trailer for ‘IT’

    New Line Cinema released a new trailer for the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT.” “IT” follows a group of kids in the fictional town of Derry, Maine, when it is terrorized by a nefarious entity. When kids start to disappear, one group of misfits discovers the town’s deadly secret. In the novel, the kids’ […] More