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  • top 10 biopics about authors keira knightley philip seymour hoffman

    Top 10: Best Movie Biopics About Authors (0 submissions)

    It’s no surprise that there is a whole subgenre of films that revolve around writers. After all, the kernel of any film comes from a screenwriter, and if you follow the proclamation of “write what you know,” it only stands to reason that they would have a unique insight into the lives of other writers. […] More

  • bombshell

    Film Review: ‘Bombshell’ Lands With a Thud

    It was an allegation that rocked the already troubled Fox News. Gretchen Carlson, an anchor at the cable news network, accused chairman and CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. And it was even more shocking when one of the network’s biggest stars, Megyn Kelly, added her voice and her own story to a stack of […] More

  • Lionsgate Logo

    Lionsgate in Negotiations for Jay Roach Project on Fox News and Roger Ailes

    Last week, many in the film community were surprised when Annapurna Pictures dropped the upcoming Roger Ailes drama. The all-star cast and subject matter made many consider it a potential awards player when it releases. With a cast that includes Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, and Allison Janney, the hype is real. However, there might be reason to pause. Earlier […] More

  • Nicole Kidman

    Annapurna’s Fox News Drama Adds Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman to Cast

    One of the underrated moments of the “MeToo” movement was the dropping of Roger Ailes from Fox News. Ailes was one of the chief architects of the network, one of the main cogs that pushed the network to the far right. Ailes was also known for his sexual appetite, one that was largely believed to include […] More