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  • Image from the movie "My Spy" 2020

    Film Review: ‘My Spy’ Is Cliched but Somewhat Charming

    It is a time-honored tradition that every big, tough action star must show their softer side in a family friendly movie with a pint-sized co-star. Schwarzenegger had “Kindergarten Cop.” Vin Diesel was “The Pacifier.” For John Cena, it was “Playing With Fire.” And now, Dave Bautista takes his turn in Amazon’s latest, “My Spy.” Bautista […] More

  • Bobs Burgers
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    ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Heads to the Big Screen

    Order’s up, “Bob’s Burgers”! 20th Century Fox announced Wednesday that the animated series is officially getting a feature film, set for release in 2020. The series has been a critically acclaimed jewel in Fox’s crown, earning Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Animated Series this year and back in 2014. The film will be produced by Fox […] More