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  • jesseeisenberg
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    Top 10: Jesse Eisenberg Films

    For years, Jesse Eisenberg has been a consistent cinematic presence. Whether in comedy or drama, Eisenberg has delivered the goods, offering up a very specific sort of performance. The Academy has seen fit to cite him once, making him an Oscar nominee. He’s also managed to star in a blockbuster or two. For an actor […] More

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    Top 12: The Ballad of Movies Stuck In Post Production Hell

    It’s hard to get a movie made. We know this. Of all the scripts out there in Hollywood and beyond, only a fraction ever get optioned. Beyond that, even fewer of the ones purchased are ever produced. That being said, once you get your film shot, generally they come out. Those that don’t fall into […] More

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    Top 10: Films to Look Forward to at The 2018 Tribeca Film Festival

    Next month, the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival will get underway, easing us further away from the past Oscar season. A whole new crop of festival movies is beginning to vie for your attention. The Sundance Film Festival in January and the Berlin Film Festival in February started that off. Just a week ago, South by […] More

  • Her Spike Jonze K K Barrett

    Awards Circuit Anniversary Celebration: Top 9 “Out of the Box” Oscar Nods

    To celebrate Awards Circuit’s 9-year anniversary, the site will be dropping a new Top 9 piece every hour, on the hour! Each one will take on a different list – from movies, to television, to the Oscars and more. Thanks to all the readers for their continued engagement in our community over the years. We […] More

  • mark ruffalo

    Sizing Up: Best Supporting Actor 2015

    Happy post Turkey Day folks. By now, you know what this is…my series of articles that deal with how to rank the chances of the various categories of Oscar contenders. This one is as large a scale grouping of the hopefuls for Best Supporting Actor as possible/prudent this year, excluding of course some no shot […] More

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    Sizing Up: Best Actress 2015

    We’re back now ladies and gentlemen for part four of this annual Sizing Up series of articles. This time around I’m going to be tackling the rather top-heavy Best Actress field. Unlike last year, for many this won’t be one of the more boring categories out of the majors or potentially the easiest to figure […] More

  • matt damon martian

    Sizing Up: Best Actor 2015

    Ahoy there folks. We come now to part three of this year’s Sizing Up series, which as you know are a group of articles that deal with how to rank the chances of the various categories of Oscar contenders in a given year. This one is as close to an all-encompassing grouping of the hopefuls […] More

  • spotlight

    Sizing Up: Best Picture 2015

    Folks, here we go again. Continuing a fairly long standing annual fall tradition at The Awards Circuit, I’m beginning the Sizing Up series once again. The name of the game here, for those new on the scene, is basically to make an early grouping of the hopefuls for all the main categories and, well, you […] More

  • FredandGinger

    Historical Circuit: Top 21 Must-See Dance Sequences in Classic Film

    After the success of my Top 20 Most Seductive Scenes in Film I decided to give the top twenty (plus one!) another try. I’m a big fan of musicals, more specifically musicals with dance. Maybe because I couldn’t be a choreographer in life, I’ve taken to appreciating it in film. In putting together this list […] More

  • jessejames

    Circuit Community: Replacing A Nominee with YOUR Favorite Film of the Year!

    The community here at the Awards Circuit is very vocal about films and performances that fail to get cited by the Academy.  While most of our favorite films and performances have been passed over by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, plenty have gone on to either be financial and/or critical successes.  Not […] More

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