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  • gemini

    New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (06/26/18) – ‘Gemini’ is a Gem

    This week, one of the better independent films of 2018 highlights the Blu-Ray/DVD options. The slate is a pretty rough one, but a little movie called “Gemini” saves the day. Today you’ll only find a single worthwhile option among newcomers, but it’s good enough to be worth the trouble. Read on! PICK OF THE WEEK […] More

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    Film Review: ‘Gemini’ Brings Indie Noir to Hollywood

    There’s something about Los Angeles and Hollywood in particular that lends itself well to film noir. Depicting the City of Angels as having a potentially seedy underbelly is inherently cinematic. Filmmaker Aaron Katz knows this and has crafted an independent gem with “Gemini.” Powered by a brilliant performance by Lola Kirke, Katz follows the beat […] More

  • ameri made3

    Film Review: ‘American Made’ Produces Old School Tom Cruise Charm

    The Tom Cruise of old is back in “American Made,” a slickly produced biopic that deftly mixes comedy, crime, and drama, all while coasting on star power. Whereas a number of recent Cruise performances have been in service of lesser material, that’s not the case here. Cruise puts on the movie star charm, but Doug […] More