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  • luce trailer

    Awards: Can Octavia Spencer Resurface in Best Supporting Actress for ‘Luce?’

    Earlier this year, the racial drama “Luce” made waves out of the Sundance Film Festival. It received praise for its multi-faceted screenwriting and acting ensemble. Out of all the cast, though, lead actor Kelvin Harrison, Jr. and especially Octavia Spencer received the most rapturous praise. In “Luce,” Spencer plays Harriet Wilson, a history teacher who […] More

  • Ma Movie Spencer

    Film Review: ‘Ma’ Is Ridiculous Fun Helmed by Octavia Spencer

    “Ma” is one of the funniest films of the year, which would be great news if this was a comedy. As a horror flick, though, Blumhouse and Universal‘s latest film misses in ways that make this venture wickedly fun, but mostly by accident. Diana Silvers is Maggie, the new girl in town. After her divorce, […] More

  • Ma Banner

    WATCH: Octavia Spencer Plays an Obsessive Psychopath in New ‘Ma’ Trailer

    Octavia Spencer has proven herself to be a reliable scene stealer. However, she hasn’t ever played a leading role in a movie. But thankfully, that is changing. In the upcoming horror film “Ma” from Blumhouse, she plays the titular antagonist. Also, the film’s trailer demonstrates how deranged her character is. In “Ma,” Spencer plays Sue […] More

  • oscar winners 2018 pics

    Which Actor Is Most Likely To Return To The Oscars Next Year?

    Once a star gets on a streak, Oscars loves to bring them back. Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep and Octavia Spencer all showed up at the Oscars with nominations this year after previously being nominated last year. This year saw an abundance of talent from all different sides of the entertainment world. Many young actors were […] More

  • Octavia Spencer, The Shack

    Octavia Spencer Reunites With Tate Taylor for New Horror Pic ‘Ma’

    Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer will reunite with the director that guided her to her Oscar for “The Help.” Variety is reporting that Spencer will star in Tate Taylor‘s upcoming horror/psychological thriller, “Ma.” Spencer joins a cast that includes Luke Evans and Juliette Lewis. Tate Taylor made his directorial debut with the 2008 film “Pretty […] More