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    New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (11/27/18) – John Cho Goes ‘Searching’

    This week, one of the surprises of 2018 comes to Blu-Ray and DVD in “Searching.” An unexpectedly enthralling mystery, it easily leads the charge today. It’s a small and lacking slate, but this little gem saves the day. Read on for more! PICK OF THE WEEK “Searching” Without question, this is one of the year’s […] More

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    New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (08/29/17) – ‘Dean’ Does Dramedy

    This week, Demetri Martin has his directorial debut “Dean” hitting Blu-Ray and DVD, along with very little else. Yes, it’s another day without a whole lot to write home about. There aren’t even any Criterion titles to talk about. Luckily, the top pick is a good one. You’ll see what I mean below! PICK OF […] More

  • Examining the ‘Margaret’ Extended Cut

    A few weeks ago, I was delighted to see Kenneth Longergan’s ‘Margaret’ get a well deserved second moment in the sun. The hype and attention for the Blu-Ray release of ‘Margaret’ has obviously died down now, but a film as interesting and worthwhile as this one deserves an extra moment in the sun, no? Combined […] More

  • 8 Degrees of Margaret connects its actors

    With Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret finally hitting Blu-Ray/DVD shelves today, the wonderful PR team has unveiled a cool link that connects all the great actors attached to the film. This 8 Degrees of Margaret chart reflects the many connections among the characters in the movie and the overlapping film projects they have worked on, and is a fun […] More

  • “Margaret” Revisited — Seven Years Later

    I was twenty-one years old when I saw the three-and-a-half hour cut of Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret.  The late and great Sydney Pollack was in attendance in the New York theater.  I was writing for The Oscar Igloo then, probably within my first year of employment.  I didn’t even understand the concept or potential of film […] More

  • A 3 hour cut of Margaret is going to be coming to DVD in July!

    I’ve always been fascinated by the original 3 hour cut of ‘Margaret’, even going back to when Clayton first told me about how much he hated it after seeing an early cut about 3 or 4 years ago. After seeing the trimmed version last year and falling in love with it, my curiosity was only […] More

  • Which Scenes from 2011 will you remember?

    Much like Kris Tapley over at In Contention does his list of the 10 best shots of each year, I like to do something similar as well here at The Awards Circuit. The wrinkle for me is that I go with the best/most memorable scenes of the year. It’s also kind of a tie in/companion […] More

  • Margaret (***½)

    A full 6 years after it was supposed to have come out, audiences finally are now able to see Kenneth Lonergan’s sophomore feature ‘Margaret’. For me, it’s almost a surreal experience to have sat down and watched it.  Delayed by lawsuits and infighting as well as an inability of the filmmaker to find a cut […] More