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    Tribeca Film Review: ‘Plus One’ Makes For Appealing Company

    2019 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: The inherent discomfort of being single at a wedding courses through the veins of “Plus One.” This charming romantic comedy goes to a lot of expected places, though the appeal of the cast smoothes the ride greatly. Witty dialogue and natural characters give the movie a welcome spin. Watching the leads […] More

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    TV Review: ‘PEN15’ Provides a Hilariously Awkward Trip Back to Middle School

    Middle school can be challenging for many reasons. There are body changes, in-fighting between cliques and the early bloom of romance. Hulu’s new comedy “Pen15” understands all of this and turns it into brilliant, cringe-inducing comedy. However, it takes these insights further. “Pen15” realizes that one’s teenage years are the first time we start to […] More