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  • Poster for the movie "Superman"
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    Top 10: Kirsten Dunst Performances

    Despite having turned in several career-defining performances by the time she was eighteen, Kirsten Dunst never seems to get the credit she deserves. Many of her films are somehow ahead of their time, critically panned upon release only to be recognized as bold and innovative years down the line. In a lot of ways, the […] More

  • Costume Design Guild Nominations

    Excellence in Period Film: “The Artist” (Mark Bridges) “Jane Eyre” (Michael O’Connor) “The Help” (Sharen Davis) “Hugo” (Sandy Powell) “W.E.” (Arianne Phillips) Excellence in Fantasy Film: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ (Jany Temime) “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” (Penny Rose) “Red Riding Hood” (Cindy Evans) “Thor” (Alexandra Byrne) “X-Men: First […] More

  • Awards Circuit Staff Top Ten of 2011

    As the year stands behind us and we gear up for the upcoming award shows including the Critics Choice Awards which will be broadcast on VH1, Thursday, January 12th @ 8pm ET.  Make sure you tune in. As for our own critics here at the Awards Circuit, I am pleased to present the Staff Writers […] More

  • Box Office Final: The “Immortals” Stand Tall…

    While the cat could not make it a trifecta, “Puss In Boots” nearly upended Adam Sandler’s “Jack And Jill” for second place, missing the runner-up position by a scant $275k and rolling past $108 million in domestic box office receipts.  Soaring above all of the competition was innovative director Tarsem Singh’s third film, “Immortals”, which […] More

  • Melancholia (**)

    Lars von Trier continues to do things his way with ‘Melancholia’, but he also continues to have quality cinema evade his grasp.  When he announced that he was making a science fiction/end of the world type film next, I was foolish enough to believe that he might be trying his hand at a less obtuse […] More

  • Poster Round-Up

    Clint Eastwood finally releases some less than impressive, J. Edgar posters showcasing a very strange looking Leonardo DiCaprio.  The Human Centipede: Full Sequence has a very risque looking poster.  And Lars Von Tier has some beautiful character posters for the Cannes Award Winner, Melancholia.  Check out all the posters after the jump. More