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    Top 10: Best Movie Biopics About Authors (0 submissions)

    It’s no surprise that there is a whole subgenre of films that revolve around writers. After all, the kernel of any film comes from a screenwriter, and if you follow the proclamation of “write what you know,” it only stands to reason that they would have a unique insight into the lives of other writers. […] More

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    What’s On TV? – Sunday (04/19/2020) – Showtime Delves Deep With ‘The Longest War’

    Tonight’s lineup has something for everything, no matter what you’re in the mood for. We’ve got war documentaries, drag queens, indie dramas, bloodthirsty Lifetime thrillers, and much more! PICK OF THE DAY: “The Longest War” (Showtime) at 10:00 PM EDT Somewhere along the line, the United States got caught up in other things and seemingly […] More

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    What’s On TV? – Wednesday (11/20/19) – Tonight Serves Thanksgiving Early

    With Halloween over, television is moving on to the next holiday: Thanksgiving. Tonight, several network shows are airing their annual Thanksgiving episodes. Even ABC’s drama, “Stumptown” celebrates a week early. The most notable tonight is “Modern Family.” Now in their final season, tonight’s episode is entitled “The Last Thanksgiving.” A bittersweet farewell, this evening is […] More

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    What’s On TV? – Friday (09/06/19) – “First Man” Blasts Off Again

    As the fall festivals begin, Friday’s lineup focuses on two movies that debuted during last year’s award season. Both highlights are biopics, the pick of the night focusing on an American icon and the other centering on a failed writer that becomes an expert forger. No need to feel bummed about not being at this […] More

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    Film Review: ‘The Kitchen’ Is an Imperfectly Entertaining Gangster Flick

    The Irish mob is under new leadership in Andrea Berloff‘s new gangster flick, “The Kitchen.” Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Elisabeth Moss star as Kathy, Ruby, and Claire. In the Manhattan neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen circa 1978, these mob wives find themselves in a desperate situation when their husbands are carted off to serve […] More

  • Melissa McCarthy Can You Ever Forgive Me

    Circuit Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Melissa McCarthy Performance?

    Melissa McCarthy is arguably one of the most reliable actors working today. She’s expertly demonstrated her dramatic range while balancing out her comedy chops. In the upcoming crime film “The Kitchen,” McCarthy looks to blend both skill sets into, what should be, another esteemed performance. In honor of the film’s release, we’re celebrating her versatility. […] More

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    WATCH: Final Trailer Released for Andrea Berloff’s Crime Drama ‘The Kitchen’

    Warner Bros Pictures has released the final trailer for Andrea Berloff‘s crime drama, “The Kitchen.” Based on the DC Vertigo comic series created by Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle, the gritty story stars two-time Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy, Emmy winner Tiffany Haddish and Golden Globe winner Elisabeth Moss. Synopsis: New York City, 1978. The 20 […] More

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    Awards Profile 2019: Andrea Berloff’s ‘The Kitchen’ from Warner Bros.

    Welcome to the 2019 Awards Profile series, where we talk about films coming to a theater near you in the coming year (at least at this time of writing). The series analyzes the films and their awards season potential, most notably for the Academy Awards, based on the talents attached, filmmakers involved, and story and […] More

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    Top 10: Best Female Spies on Film

    Spy movies have never gone out of style, but female-led spy films have re-emerged in the past decade. With the recent success of films such as “Spy,” “Atomic Blonde,” and “Red Sparrow,” female spies are gaining their time in the limelight. The push for more representation has proven that women want to see themselves on […] More

  • Leading Actress

    2019 Oscars Look: Best Actress in a Leading Role

    Welcome to our annual Oscar Look series, formally known as “Oscar Circuit” – our deep dive look into each and every category that will be presented at the upcoming Academy Awards.  Each writer of will tackle a different category, offering up their own perspectives on those specific races.  If you miss a piece, click on the […] More

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