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  • top 10 lgbtq movie characters

    Top 10: LGBTQ+ Movie Characters (0 submissions)

    Pride month continues with familiar faces who represent the best that LGBTQ+ cinema has to offer. Some are hard to love, some harder to let go, but all of them have profoundly touched the inner lives of the queer community pre and post-closet. An array of exceptional Hollywood talent brought these dynamic protagonists to life, […] More

  • image1 1

    Circuit Madness 2019: Directors – Elite Eight Voting Opens!

    As the NCAA tournament makes its turn toward declaring a National Champion, Circuit Madness is doing the same! We’re here to announce our Circuit Madness 2019: Directors Elite Eight contenders. This means giving the results of our Sweet 16 and breaking more hearts in the process. With so many talented directors remaining, who was voted […] More

  • Working Girl

    Historical Circuit: 30-Year-Old ‘Working Girl’ from Mike Nichols Still Resonates

    TITLE OF FILM: “Working Girl” FILM YEAR: 1988 DIRECTOR: Mike Nichols WRITER: Kevin Wade STARRING: Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver, Harrison Ford, Joan Cusack, Alec Baldwin, Phillip Bosco SYNOPSIS: ‘Working Girl’ opens with a glorious close up of Lady Liberty, beaming brightly as a beacon of hope for all who wish to come to her shores. In […] More