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    Interview: Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider Reflect On ‘The Other Two’ Success

    Career transitions are never easy, but former SNL head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider managed to make it look effortless. The pair moved from the biggest sketch comedy show on TV to creating their first narrative cable comedy. Their show “The Other Two” quickly became a critical favorite. The series follows a pair of […] More

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    TV Review: ‘The Other Two’ Is a Must-See Show on Sibling Rivalry

    Sibling rivalry is one of the oldest tales in the book. Technically, it’s the second story ever told (see Cain & Abel). There’s been little iterative to this basic conflict between siblings in the movies. However, “The Other Two,” which premiered on Comedy Central, provides a funnier and more interesting look at the sibling dynamic. […] More

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    NYFF Film Review: ‘Private Life’ Charms with Kathryn Hahn Magnetizing

    2018 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: Tamara Jenkins highlights the use of awkwardness as a compelling narrative tool with her richly felt “Private Life.” Handling serious material in a humorous yet profound practice, Jenkins lifts the viewer to a cast of whimsical players including an always reliable Paul Giamatti, a heartfelt Kathryn Hahn, and a breakout […] More

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    WATCH: Netflix Drops a Trailer for ‘Private Life’ from Director Tamara Jenkins

    The last time Tamara Jenkins directed a film, we got the very strong family drama “The Savages” in 2007. That film struck a chord with critics and Academy voters. It earned a pair of Oscar nominations for Laura Linney and for Jenkins work on the screenplay. Jenkins continues to showcase talent, and early on, her new film […] More

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    TV Review: HBO Should File For ‘Divorce’

    The IMDB synopsis for HBO’s “Divorce” says: “A couple goes through a long, drawn-out divorce.” It’s rare a show can be summed up so literally in a sentence. “Divorce,” even in season two, feels long, drawn-out and altogether so simple. Much like in an HBO project, the talent behind and in front of the camera […] More