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    Circuit Q&A – How to Play Movie ‘Moneyball’ on Billy Beane’s Birthday?

    **Circuit Q&A’s are our daily community question, posed to the readers of AwardsCircuit that cover various topics from film and television to general wonderings and for instances.** A very Happy Birthday goes out today to Billy Beane, the longtime General Manager of the Oakland Athletics. A former baseball player himself, Beane is currently the team’s […] More

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    Circuit Q&A: What Sports Legend Should Get a Movie?

    On this date in 1937, Joe Louis knocked out James Braddock in the eighth round of a boxing match at Comisky Park in Chicago, IL. That fight, and the career of James Braddock are the subject of the film, “Cinderella Man,” starring Russell Crowe. In honor of the anniversary of that historic fight, we’re tracking […] More

  • girlonthetrain

    Top 10: Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations of the Millennium

    The book was better than the movie. It’s an adage that has become only more prevalent as time wears on. Literature has been a fertile ground for stories for film since the dawn of the medium. In many ways, book adaptations never used to be seen as mere cash grabs. One need not look further […] More

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    Circuit 3: Films Starring Brad Pitt

    I have just one question for you: Who the hell doesn’t love Brad Pitt? Not only is the guy one of the coolest people in the world (I mean, he landed Angelina, amiright?), but he is also one of our finest, most under appreciated actors working today. Even when he stars in a sub-par film (The […] More

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    Top Ten Tuesday: Modern Day Classics

    You would think after how excruciatingly difficult it was to create a top 10 performances of all time list that I’d attempt an easy return to Top Ten Tuesday, but alas here I am with 10 films I consider modern classics. Spurned on by this article, I decided to take a look at the landscape […] More

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    Aaron Sorkin to Adapt the Michael Lewis book ‘Flash Boys’

    I love Aaron Sorkin dialogue. Much as it’s very showy, I love how it works within just about any medium, be it the world of news, politics, or sports. Now, it seems like Sorkin might be bringing that to the world of finance, as he’s in talks to write the adaptation of the Michael Lewis […] More

  • Oscar Question

    Six Spot #5: Best Director 2011

    Welcome back to The Six Spot!  In case you missed last week’s 2003 Best Actress Six Spot, you can catch it here. This week, we discuss one of the more interesting pre-nomination races of the last decade, the 2011 Best Director race.  Unlike the four previous Six Spots, where we had a ton of non-nominees […] More

  • Oscar Circuit: Best Actor

    And the Nominees Are: Demian Bichir for “A Better Life” Oscar scene: Telling his son that he does everything for him George Clooney for “The Descendants” Oscar scene: Saying goodbye to his wife Jean Dujardin for “The Artist” Oscar scene: Our introduction to George Valentin Gary Oldman for “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” Oscar scene: Smiley […] More

  • Making the final case for each Best Picture nominee…

    As you’re reading this, the Oscar voters have already made their final selections for each category of the Academy Awards, and there’s nothing left to do but wait for the results at the awards ceremony on Sunday. It got me to thinking, what kind of case has each Best Picture contender made for their shot […] More

  • Which Scenes from 2011 will you remember?

    Much like Kris Tapley over at In Contention does his list of the 10 best shots of each year, I like to do something similar as well here at The Awards Circuit. The wrinkle for me is that I go with the best/most memorable scenes of the year. It’s also kind of a tie in/companion […] More

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