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  • Image from the movie "My Spy" 2020

    Film Review: ‘My Spy’ Is Cliched but Somewhat Charming

    It is a time-honored tradition that every big, tough action star must show their softer side in a family friendly movie with a pint-sized co-star. Schwarzenegger had “Kindergarten Cop.” Vin Diesel was “The Pacifier.” For John Cena, it was “Playing With Fire.” And now, Dave Bautista takes his turn in Amazon’s latest, “My Spy.” Bautista […] More

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    Circuit Q&A – Family Friendly Action Heroes

    For decades now, our favorite action heroes have been venturing into family friendly affairs. Away go the explosions and R-ratings in exchange for a child sidekick and buckets of laughs. To coincide with the release of “My Spy” in which Dave Bautista pairs up with a nine year old apprentice, it’s time to look back over […] More

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    Circuit Q&A: Your Favorite Delayed Films?

    Films face delays for many reasons. It could be a real-life event impacting it’s release or perhaps an incident with the cast. In the past few weeks alone we have seen the likes of James Bond and Peter Rabbit be pushed due to the Coronavirus. With “The Hunt” being released this week and the recently […] More