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  • bestactress

    Oscar Circuit: Best Actress

    And the Nominees Are: Glenn Close for “Albert Nobbs” Oscar Scene: “I could live here.” Viola Davis for “The Help” Oscar Scene: “You’re a Godless Woman!” Rooney Mara for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Oscar Scene: “He’s had a long standing sexual relationship with his co-editor of the magazine. Sometimes he performs cunnilingus on […] More

  • Screen Actors Guild Nominations Reactions

    Below are the reactions for this year’s Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations. It was quite interesting with surprises coming from Janet McTeer nominated for Best Supporting Actress and the great Demian Bichir receiving a Best Actor nomination for his work in “A Better Life.” This will be interesting to see how it all plays out. […] More

  • My Week with Marilyn (***)

    Without the Academy Award worthy performance of Michelle Williams in the title role, there wouldn’t be too much to get excited about with ‘My Week with Marilyn’.  Nothing is bad, but everything pales in comparison to Williams.  She’s so good as Marilyn Monroe, you hardly notice the rest of the film.  This is nowhere near […] More

  • Olivier — Hugely Over Appreciated

    Acting is supposed to be a replication of life. We know its pretend, we know its play acting but we give over our suspension of disbelief as we enter the cinema making a bargain with the filmmakers and actors that if they convince us for the next two to three hours that what is happening is […] More

  • The Best of Marilyn Monroe

    To begin with, let’s be clear, Marilyn Monroe was a movie star who wanted to be taken seriously as an actress, but lacked the dramatic skill to do so. She should have been happy with the God given comic talent she was given, that wonderful sense of timing, breathless delivery, and wide eyed look that suggested both […] More

  • Staff Update Oscar Predictions

    My esteemed staff of writers have updated their Oscar predictions.  The rest of my predictions will be updated periodically throughout the weekend but the staff have made some bold picks in their choices.  Many of them are very high in hopes for Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn while others are thinking outside the […] More

  • Studio FYC Sites are LIVE

    Some studios have made their 2011 Awards or For Your Consideration sites LIVE.  They’re up and running and it’s so fun to look at them when considering what films will or will not be on Oscar’s radar.  Not everyone is up yet and some aren’t listing categories but it’s good to see the roster that […] More