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    Film Review: ‘Apollo 11’ Illuminates With Fast Pacing and Suspense

    Our fascination with space never ends. Even 50 years later, we are still acquiring new footage from the historic 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. Neon’s latest film, “Apollo 11” uses recently unearthed 70mm archival footage to construct a rich portrait of this incredible mission. Stripped of narration, interviews or any of the other traditional documentary […] More

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    INTERVIEW: Josh Singer Discusses Bringing Out Neil Armstrong’s Internal Struggle for ‘First Man’

    Every script from Josh Singer starts out based in fact. Having had a hand in “The Fifth Estate,” “The Post,” and “Spotlight,” not to mention writing on “The West Wing,” Singer mixes the truth into his fiction as much as possible. In fact, his feature screenplays never seem to veer into the fantastic. That’s incredibly difficult for […] More

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    CHECK OUT: Damien Chazelle’s ‘First Man’ Debuts a Poster

    We have one small step for this movie today, though it could be one giant leap for the Oscar race. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyway, Damien Chazlle‘s “First Man” is easily one of 2018’s most anticipated films. The Neil Armstrong biopic could be a huge Academy Award player, while it marks his follow up to “La […] More