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    Hulu’s ‘Reprisal’ To Dish Out Revenge With Style

    2019 NEW YORK COMIC CON: The characters of the upcoming Hulu series “Reprisal” sure know how to make an entrance. A suave gangster who leaves getting a beatdown with a cool confident strut. A sultry dancer who hypnotizes an entire burlesque club crowd with a wink of her eye. A beautiful femme fatale who effortlessly […] More

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    Telluride Film Review: ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ Stylistically Stumbles

    2019 TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL: The history of film has weaved through genres that wet the appetites of the audiences that surround the theaters.  Three-time Academy Award nominee Edward Norton’s new noir “Motherless Brooklyn” is a callback to a simpler time in cinema where viewers were entertained with a juicy mystery story and not necessarily a […] More