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  • mary poppins returns

    Genre Geeks: 10 Musicals In Need of a Sequel

    Next Wednesday, Dec. 19, the world’s favorite persnickety yet perfect nanny reappears to stir hearts once more in Rob Marshall’s “Mary Poppins Returns.” That begs the question: why stop now? Why should we settle for just one iconic musical resurgence? Below you’ll find ten legendary musicals that equally deserve sequel treatment. 10. “Sing Street” Where […] More

  • Sizing Up: Best Supporting Actress 2015

    Continuing on with the Sizing Up series, this one is a look at the slate of Best Supporting Actress contenders. As always with this annual tradition of mine, this is as large a grouping of the hopefuls as is possible, categorizing them by their assumed likelihood of a nomination come the big morning. Oftentimes, more […] More

  • matt damon martian

    Sizing Up: Best Actor 2015

    Ahoy there folks. We come now to part three of this year’s Sizing Up series, which as you know are a group of articles that deal with how to rank the chances of the various categories of Oscar contenders in a given year. This one is as close to an all-encompassing grouping of the hopefuls […] More

  • scottmartian.0

    Sizing Up: Best Director 2015

    Welcome back again to the Sizing Up Series folks. It’s time to continue this 2015 incarnation with an in-depth look at the Director candidates competing for a spot in this year’s Oscar lineup. As was the case last year (and the many years before it, for that matter), there are a few things to keep […] More

  • s030105784

    Oscars 2014: Will Win/Should Win Selections (Joey Magidson)

    An annual tradition for all of us here at The Awards Circuit, I once again humbly present to you my picks for who/what Will Win as well as who/what Should Win at the Oscars. Before we get started though, a few quick thoughts on this year’s incarnation of the series. This is easily the most […] More

  • batman 2652618b

    Theories Surrounding Ben Affleck Playing Batman – How and the Why?

    Now that a little bit of the initial hubbub over the choice of Ben Affleck to play Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel has died down for the most part (I’m going to continue ignoring the petition for President Obama to intervene and stop this casting), I wanted to get into the hows […] More

  • Matthew McConaughey Mud

    Highs and Lows of the First Half of 2013

    One of my annual traditions, this is my rundown of the best and worst things that I’ve seen during the first six months of 2013. As it stands, I’ve seen more than 130 films, and honestly, mostly I’ve come away pretty disappointed with the first half offerings. Usually I’ve got at least a few things […] More

  • Who should direct ‘Star Wars Episode VII’?

    Something that many never thought would ever happen is going on in Hollywood right now. Yes, ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ is in pre-production, and it’s not even being fully brought to us by George Lucas. We’re all aware by now that Oscar winner Michael Arndt has been hired to pen the script, and filmmakers like […] More

  • Best Superhero Films of All-Time

    Now that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is out in theaters, it sort of feels like we’ve reached a milestone point in the realm of superhero flicks…perhaps even an apex if you will. Everything that will come next for the genre will be judged on a different playing field due to that film and this year’s […] More

  • Could Oscar assemble for The Avengers?

    As anyone who read my review of the film, I’d pretty much discounted the possibility that ‘The Avengers’ could be a player for any major Academy Awards outside of the technical categories (though I did sort of make the case for SAG to notice the ensemble, as much as that might be wishful thinking), but as […] More

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