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    Top 10: Best TV Weddings (0 submissions)

    A television wedding can be many things. A celebration of love, of course, both between two characters but also for the audiences that have grown attached to their relationship. A zany comedy of errors. A massive spectacle designed to draw in huge crowds for sweeps week. And potentially, the backdrop for the bloody betrayal of […] More

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    Florida Film Festival Review: ‘Dark Money’ Explores Campaign Finance Corruption

    There’s little doubt that Citizens United vs. FEC is one of the most disruptive Supreme Court decisions of this century so far. The decision is commonly known as the case that established that “corporations are people” and have the right to donate to financial campaigns. The decision remains extremely controversial today, especially given the push […] More

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    Ruth Wilson to Play Grandmother Alison Wilson in PBS and BBC’s ‘Mrs. Wilson’

    Ruth Wilson’s next project is a family affair. The “Luther” and “The Affair” star will play her own grandmother, Alison Wilson, in the upcoming film “Mrs. Wilson,” according to comments from Masterpiece chief Rebecca Eaton at the 2018 Winter TCA Tour on Tuesday. The project is based on Alison’s memoir about the day a woman showed up at […] More

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    Ann Curry to Host New PBS Series ‘We’ll Meet Again’

    Ann Curry is returning to TV for a touching PBS series, which aims to reunite friends whose lives were impacted by the biggest events of the 20th century. “We’ll Meet Again” follows Curry and the show’s researchers and producers as they track down long-lost friends in the hopes of a future reunion. The show will […] More