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    Classic Circuit: The Peter Bogdanovich Collection on Criterion Channel

    The 1970s are often cited as the dominant era of original filmmaking. The decade ushered in a wave of new auteurs fresh out of film school, eager to prove themselves with high concept ideas and reverential technique. Avoiding the “movie brat” route, a young New Yorker named Peter Bogdanovich used his position as a film […] More

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    WATCH: ‘The Other Side of the Wind’ Looks Crazy in First Trailer from Netflix

    One of the most interesting films set to release in 2018 is Netflix‘s “The Other Side of the Wind” from Orson Welles. Of course, Welles is long since passed. “The Other Side of the Wind” was never completed and seemed to be the lost film from a master of cinema. However, after assembling all the footage and […] More