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    Circuit Q&A – What Are Your Favorite Kevin Smith Movies?

    **Circuit Q&A’s are our daily community question, posed to the readers of AwardsCircuit that cover various topics from film and television to general wonderings and for instances** For over two decades, Kevin Smith has been operating as a filmmaker just outside of the mainstream. From his breakout independent hit “Clerks” to today, his movies have […] More

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    Ten Greatest Movie Villains of All Time (Joey Magidson)

    Oh boy. As much as I love making lists (and I really love making lists, particularly the ones we do here), this one has been giving me kind of a hard time. I went back and forth with a huge long list of contenders, toying with different limitations to force on myself, and just a […] More

  • Ben Affleck explains how ‘Argo’ was influenced by ‘Red State’

    It’s no secret around these parts that I’m a pretty big Kevin Smith fan, especially last year’s surprising ‘Red State’, but I realize that I seem to be in the minority here. Well, at least you can include Ben Affleck among the people who appreciate Smith’s film besides me, and Affleck went a step further. […] More

  • Which Scenes from 2011 will you remember?

    Much like Kris Tapley over at In Contention does his list of the 10 best shots of each year, I like to do something similar as well here at The Awards Circuit. The wrinkle for me is that I go with the best/most memorable scenes of the year. It’s also kind of a tie in/companion […] More

  • Awards Circuit Staff Top Ten of 2011

    As the year stands behind us and we gear up for the upcoming award shows including the Critics Choice Awards which will be broadcast on VH1, Thursday, January 12th @ 8pm ET.  Make sure you tune in. As for our own critics here at the Awards Circuit, I am pleased to present the Staff Writers […] More

  • Circuit Consideration: Michael Parks in Red State

    For Your Consideration – Best Supporting Actor – Michael Parks Film: Red State Director: Kevin Smith Screenplay: Kevin Smith Realistic Nominations: None Oscar Scene: The sermon I know that opinions are split on ‘Red State’.  On the staff, I’m obviously a huge fan (my review is here) and Anna enjoyed it as well, while Clayton […] More

  • Joey’s DVD Picks of the Week (10/18/2011)

    This week, one of the best films of the year comes to Blu-Ray and DVD, along with a host of other, less worthy fare.  It’s another instance of lots of quantity, but less in the way of quality.  I’m hardly complaining, since there are a few solid choices this week, but only one really screams […] More

  • Red State (***½)

    With ‘Red State’, Kevin Smith has a done a complete 180 as a filmmaker.  The writer/director known for being a premiere comedy auteur has made a gritty horror/thriller satire that defies convention.  It’s a rather brutal film, one that’s shocking in its sudden violence and unrelenting in its tension.  The satire is sharp, but never light.  The […] More