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  • Support the Girls Hall and Richardson

    Film Review: ‘Support the Girls’ is a Pleasant Dip in the Shallows

    It’s a bit serendipitous that “Support the Girls” would hit theaters in the same week that Twitter was sent all aflutter by the recirculated assertion that millennials “are killing” Hooters. After all, the workplace at the center of this workplace comedy is a Hooters-like establishment where pretty, young waitresses in tiny polo shirts serve giant […] More

  • Damsel

    Film Review: Not Every ‘Damsel’ Needs to Be Rescued

    A pioneer, a preacher, and a miniature horse cross the plains. That isn’t the start of a joke. Or maybe it is. Who can be quite sure what’s meant to be funny and what just makes you laugh in “Damsel,” a new film from the Zellner Brothers, David, and Nathan. Robert Pattinson stars as a […] More

  • Warner Bros | Ocean's 8

    Film Review: ‘Ocean’s 8’ Is a What Summer Movies are Meant to Be

    There’s a new Ocean in town, and she’s bringing some friends. “Ocean’s 8” opens on Debbie (Sandra Bullock), younger sister to the one and only Danny Ocean, made famous by George Clooney in three films of his own. Debbie has spent nearly six years in prison and she’s looking to do something about that lost […] More

  • Chesil Beach 2

    Film Review: ‘On Chesil Beach’ is a Heartbreaking Tale of Love and Pride

    There is a simplicity in the beauty of Dominic Cooke‘s period drama, “On Chesil Beach.” The film, which Ian McEwan adapted from his own 2007 novella, is a snapshot of the lives of Florence (Saoirse Ronan) and Edward (Billy Howle). It is England in 1962, and these newlyweds spend a long, awkward evening in their […] More

  • Life of the Party | Warner Bros

    Film Review: Melissa McCarthy Truly Is the ‘Life of the Party’

    “Life of the Party” isn’t going to get Melissa McCarthy an invitation back to the Academy Awards, but there is still a lot to celebrate. McCarthy stars as Deanna, 40-something mother of Maddie (Molly Gordon) and wife of Dan (Matt Walsh). As they pull away from dropping their only daughter off for her senior year […] More

  • 38725367821 777bfee572 o

    Sundance Review: Garrett Hedlund is Perfect in a Somewhat Imperfect ‘Burden’

    Sundance Film Festival: If you weren’t already convinced of Garrett Hedlund‘s talent before, just wait until you see “Burden.” “Burden” comes from first time writer and director Andrew Heckler whose previous work involves acting in film and television. Heckler learned the story of Mike Burden in the late 1990s and became fascinated with the story […] More

  • Loveless

    AFI Film Review: ‘Loveless’ is as Cold as a Winter in Moscow

    2017 AFI FILM FESTIVAL: Cold and lifeless are the most apt words to describe “Loveless,” Russia’s official submission for the Foreign Language Film competition. Simply put, this is the story of a missing boy. His parents are forced to work together to find their son and bring him home. Complicating the matter is that they […] More

  • DSC07150 1

    AFI Film Review: ‘Newton’ is a Deep, Timely, and Universal Entry from India

    2017 AFI FILM FESTIVAL: India’s thriving film industry is known for glorious colors, plot lines that rival the wackiest of telenovelas, and, of course, random dance sequences. At least, that’s what audiences have come to expect from a good Bollywood movie. And that describes everything that India’s official Foreign Language Film submission is not. “Newton” […] More

  • Call Me By Your Name 02 Use This For Announcement 1

    NYFF Film Review: ‘Call Me by Your Name’ Encapsulates a Measured Love for the Ages

    2017 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: One year after “Moonlight” wins the Academy Award for Best Picture, it’s tempting to look at something like “Call Me by Your Name,” the newest feature from director Luca Guadagnino, and compare the two since they deal with similar subjects.  You are doing a disservice to any film in the […] More

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