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  • cinematography 2020 nominees
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    2020 Oscar Circuit: Best Cinematography

    2020 OSCAR PREDICTIONS: The race for Best Cinematography has long been one that fascinates hardcore Oscar audiences. For the past ten years, we have been living in a golden age of craftsmanship behind the camera. With legendary DPs including Emmanuel Lubezki,  Robert Richardson, and Roger Deakins (15 nominations and soon-to-be six wins among them this […] More

  • coldwar

    ‘Cold War’ Takes Top Honor at ASC Awards

    The American Society of Cinematographers had their annual awards ceremony last night. In a rather surprise turn of events, they bestowed Lukasz Zal’s work on “Cold War” with their top honor. Instead of Alfonso Cuaron’s work on “Roma,” they went with another foreign film in black and white. Going into Oscar night, it’s a likely battle between those […] More

  • Adrift Movie in 2018

    Film Review: ‘Adrift’ Strands Shailene Woodley at Sea

    Mother Nature is a harsh mistress. Struggles against the elements have been depicted in film to stunning degrees. Then, there’s “Adrift.” A cliched romance torpedoes an otherwise compelling sea-based survival tale. In the quest to make the movie about more than just a fight to live, there’s a case of diminishing returns. Look at how […] More

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    Historical Circuit: ‘JFK’ Remains Oliver Stone’s Crowning Directorial Achievement

    ACCA 1991: An historically questionable paranoid thriller about the assassination of a President that runs over three hours, there’s no reason why “JFK” should work. And yet, it’s arguably Oliver Stone‘s masterpiece. Positively electric filmmaking on the part of Stone pushes this one to iconic status. Much has been written about it over the years, […] More

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    Middleburg Film Review: ‘Breathe’ Packs for the Tears with Strong Work from Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy

    2017 MIDDLEBURG FILM FESTIVAL: In classic fashion, first-time director Andy Serkis crafts an old-fashioned emotional story about inspiration and survival with “Breathe.”  Harnessing two vital performances from Academy Award nominee Andrew Garfield and Emmy nominee Claire Foy, Serkis establishes a keen eye for visual storytelling while bottling sentiment and passion at the most opportune moments.  […] More