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    TV Recap: “Little Fires Everywhere” Episode Eight (Finale) – “Find a Way”

    The end is finally here, and the little fires are truly everywhere. The “Little Fires Everywhere” shows no interest in mending fences. Instead, its characters quite literally opt to burn everything down and start anew. The flashback that opens the episode finds the Richardson kids young and putting on a lemonade stand. A young Izzy […] More

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    TV Recap: “Little Fires Everywhere” Episode Seven – “Picture Perfect”

    We may be finally at the great big Bebe vs. McCullough court case, but Episode Seven of “Little Fires Everywhere” begins with one of its other feuds. Izzy (Megan Stott) and April (Isabel Gravitt) are headed to a party that Izzy thinks will be all “Lexis in training bras.” It becomes pretty clear that the […] More

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    TV Recap: “Little Fires Everywhere” Episode Four – “The Spider Web”

    After keeping them in the background for all of the season, the episode finally leads with the McCullough family. We first flashback to one of Linda’s (Rosemarie DeWitt) previous pregnancies. The doctor and her fratboy-looking husband, Mark (Geoff Stults), tell her it will all be all right. We know better. With her adopted daughter Mirabelle, […] More

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    TV Recap: ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Episode Three: “Seventy Cents”

    “Little Fires Everywhere” has always been about motherhood. Elena (Reese Witherspoon) and Mia (Kerry Washington) have been fighting and testing their daughters’ allegiances since episode one. Episode three brings us more stories of motherhood. We learn more about Bebe Chow’s (Huang Lu) love for May-Ling, the daughter she left at a fire station. Also, Linda […] More

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    TV Recap: “Little Fires Everywhere” Episode 2 – “Seeds and All”

    If the pilot episode of “Little Fires Everywhere” asked the question “What is it like to move into a wealthy, all-white community?” the second question asks a simpler and more direct one: “Have you looked at your vagina lately?” The second episode of Hulu’s new miniseries is mostly structured around the latest book club meeting […] More

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    TV Recap: “Little Fires Everywhere” Episode One

    We waste no time setting suburbia on fire. The first shot of Hulu’s latest miniseries “Little Fires Everywhere” follows firetrucks racing towards the burning McMansion of the Richardson family. The titular role jumps out right at the beginning of the series, it’s even said by one of the four nearly identical looking cops at the […] More

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    Film Review: ‘Song of Back and Neck’ Hits the Right Quirky Notes

    “Song of Back and Neck” may be small in ambition, but it comes with a quirky little hook that ropes you in. It seems like a work from another era. Many an actor and filmmaker has done something similar over the years at the Sundance Film Festival. Writer/director/star Paul Lieberstein went to the Tribeca Film […] More

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    Netflix Reveals Episode Titles and Cast for ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4

    “Black Mirror” is returning for a fourth season, with six new episodes. Netflix just announced the titles and cast for each episode, as well as a teaser for the upcoming season. From Netflix: “Black Mirror” is an anthology series that taps into our collective unease with the modern world, with each stand-alone episode a sharp, […] More

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    TV Review: ‘Last Tycoon’ Pays More Attention To Period Detail Than Story

    If there’s one thing we can all agree on early Hollywood, it sure was glamorous. At least surface glamorous. Amazon’s “The Last Tycoon” pits a hotshot producer against a powerful studio head in a war over control of motion pictures. However, much like our perception of this time in Hollywood, the show is all glitz […] More

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