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  • LoveWeddingRepeat

    WATCH: Netflix Releases Hilarious and Chaotic Trailer for Comedy ‘Love Wedding Repeat’

    Netflix today has released the hilarious trailer for “Love Wedding Repeat,” a British comedy set around different chaotic scenarios of the same wedding. It arrives on the streaming service April 10 and may just be the laugh out loud comedy that audiences need right now. Sam Claflin (“Charlie’s Angels”) stars as Jack, alongside Olivia Munn […] More

  • the nightingale

    Interview: Jennifer Kent Discusses Violence, Art, and Her New Film ‘The Nightingale’

    Writer and director Jennifer Kent caught audiences by surprise with her feature film debut, “The Babadook” in 2014. The atmospheric horror film about a widowed single mother whose son starts seeing a terrifying entity called the Babadook, quickly established Kent as an exciting new director to watch. Her follow up film, “The Nightingale,” surprised viewers […] More

  • The Nightingale Jennifer Kent

    Miami Film Festival 2019: Jennifer Kent’s ‘The Nightingale’ Sings a Violent, Traumatic, and Relevant Tune

    Miami Film Festival 2019: Walking through the rainforests of Tasmania, the sounds of creatures, man, and insects echo through the treetops. A young woman named Clare (Aisling Franciosi) aims a rifle at her black aborigine guide Billy (Baykali Ganambarr). The jungle is thick, hot, and full of death. Director Jennifer Kent proved she could make […] More

  • Adrift Movie in 2018

    Film Review: ‘Adrift’ Strands Shailene Woodley at Sea

    Mother Nature is a harsh mistress. Struggles against the elements have been depicted in film to stunning degrees. Then, there’s “Adrift.” A cliched romance torpedoes an otherwise compelling sea-based survival tale. In the quest to make the movie about more than just a fight to live, there’s a case of diminishing returns. Look at how […] More