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    Top 10: Books About Girls That Should Be Adapted

    Generations of girls have been trained throughout their childhoods to identify with the male characters in novels, because it was always rare for there to be girls in the lead roles. A vicious cycle begins, where girls read books about boys and boys read books about boys, and no one bothers to write books about […] More

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    Six Circuit: Which 2003 Supporting Actor Got Dumped In The ‘Mystic River’?

    Welcome to the thirty-second entry in our Six Circuit series. This week brings us back to the year 2003, where “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” dominated. The final film of the fantasy trilogy swept all of its eleven categories. One of the few areas the film did not win was the […] More

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    TV Review: ‘Stranger Things 2’ is a Slow Burn Blockbuster Sequel

    There are few seasons of television that have ever been more anticipated than the second season of “Stranger Things,” Netflix’s surprise hit in 2016. The series became a summer phenomenon in ways that few series have in the modern TV landscape. The combination of 70’s/80’s nostalgia and Stephen King-inspired storytelling seems like an obvious choice […] More