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    Film Review: ‘Operation Finale’ Lacks the Urgency to Succeed in its Mission

    Thrillers based on real-life events have to walk a very fine line. Hug too closely to the historical record and it may not feel sufficiently cinematic. Fabricate too much in the service of dramatic license and it can come off as disrespectful. All of this is even stiffer of a line when talking about World […] More

  • The Death of Stalin 3

    Film Review: The Kinetic ‘The Death of Stalin’ is Biting Satire

    There are few people more adept at crafting political satire than Armando Iannucci. Iannucci first broke through for America audiences when “In the Loop” crashed the 82nd Academy Awards. That film follows the insanely botched and incompetent diplomatic run-up to the war in the Middle East through a series of fictional characters. The film was based on […] More