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  • dark knight heath ledger joker

    Top 10: Billion Dollar Movies (0 submissions)

    With so much uncertainty around how the movie industry will look when we are on the other side of this worldwide event, it would surprise no one if we didn’t see any movie hit it big at the box office. Crowd-pleasing movies have moved their release dates and the cinema experience may change forever. At […] More

  • star wars rise skywalker kylo rey

    Awards: Will Oscar Embrace the End of the Skywalker Saga?

    In 1977, a phenomenon was born with the release of George Lucas’s “Star Wars.” It changed cinema forever, redefining a generation’s idea of good versus evil. With massive appeal and critical acclaim, the space epic landed ten Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. Since then, every new episode has received at least one Oscar nomination. So, with “Star Wars: […] More

  • Teen Choice Awards 2018

    Teen Choice Awards 2018 Awards Winners Include ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Infinity War’

    There are many awards shows in the awards season. Some are more predictive than others. Yet it’s often interesting to see how some voting bodies vote, especially with the upcoming “Popular Film” category at the Oscars. Enter the Teen Choice Awards in 2018. With many suggesting that the category will hurt the Oscars, and some […] More

  • Wonder Woman No Mans Land

    Circuit 10: Empowering Films for Girls from the Past Ten Years

    ***To celebrate the Awards Circuit’s 10 Year Anniversary, a new series is born.  “Circuit 10” is a column that will run every week (often times more than once) until May 2019. Any articles or listings will only cover film or television within the last 10-year time frame and can also tie into that week’s respective releases.***  In […] More

  • TLJ Ships 04

    New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (03/27/18) – ‘Star Wars’ Continues Its Saga

    This week, the brilliant yet divisive new installment of the “Star Wars” saga represents the cream of the Blu-Ray/DVD crop. There’s not a ton of new releases hitting shelves today, as most are smartly getting out of the blockbuster’s way. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is a force to be reckoned with, after all. Still, […] More

  • Screen Shot 2018 02 28 at 11.45.32 AM

    2018 Oscar Circuit: Sound Mixing & Sound Editing

    Ah, the Sound categories.  For every person to claims to understand the difference between Sound Editing and Sound Mixing, there seems to be a horde of people who couldn’t differentiate the two categories if their lives depended on it.  For decades, the the achievement of sound editing was an Academy scion, relegating to special Oscars […] More

  • andy serkis

    55th Publicists Awards: Andy Serkis to Receive the Motion Picture Showman of the Year Award

    Precious is getting another golden idol. Andy Serkis (“Black Panther”), one of Hollywood’s ultimate Renaissance men, will receive the Motion Picture Showman of the Year Award at this years’ Publicists Awards. According to Deadline, the accolade will be presented to the actor and director at the International Cinematographers Guild’s annual lunch gala this March. Serkis had […] More

  • maxresdefault 3

    WATCH: Awards Circuit Announces 2017 ACCA Nominees

    NEW YORK (January 24, 2018) – Awards Circuit announced today its nominees for the 2017 Awards Circuit Community Awards.  The awards are voted on annually by’s community of readers from all over the world. Four films co-led the nomination tally with 9 nominations each: Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi sequel “Blade Runner 2049,” Christopher Nolan’s World […] More

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