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  • Snowpiercer Premiere

    TV Recap: ‘Snowpiercer’ Series Premiere – “First, the Weather Changed”

    **Warning: This TV recap provides spoilers for the latest episode of TNT’s “Snowpiercer.”** The planet warmed and the ice caps melted, Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) explains in narration over an animated introduction. So begins “Snowpiercer” with episode one, “First, the Weather Changed.” A failed attempt to cool the climate resulted in freezing the world to […] More

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    Snowpiercer Provides More Than Apocalyptic Chills

    2019 NEW YORK COMIC CON: Seven years into the future, after the earth has been devastatingly frozen to its core, a train perpetually speeds around the globe carrying the last surviving traces of humanity. That’s the premise of the cautionary post-apocalyptic series from creator, Graeme Manson (“Orphan Black”). The show is inspired by the French […] More