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    Film Review: ‘Swallow’ Slowly Digests the Horrors of Domestic Conformity

    Directorial debuts like Carlo Mirabella-Davis’ mesmerizing “Swallow” show the freedom that comes with unrestricted introduction. Mirabella-Davis combs each scene with scrupulous detail, harmonizing his principal heroine’s internal chaos with her external domestic imprisonment. As Hunter, Haley Bennett gives career-best work channeling a modern-day housewife afflicted with pica, a craving for non-edible substances or objects. The […] More

  • official secrets

    2019 Provincetown Film Festival Winners Include ‘Official Secrets,’ ‘Gay Chorus Deep South,’ and More

    The 2019 Provincetown Film Festival have announced their winners for this year’s edition of the fest. Sponsored by HBO, the festival came out with Gavin Hood’s biographical drama “Official Secrets” taking the Audience Award. The film is one of many Sundance premieres touring the festival circuit and it stars Keira Knightley as a British whistleblower. […] More