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  • how to train your dragon 3

    Genre Geeks: The Pros and Cons of Extending Franchise Trilogies

    Having just watched the mesmerizing “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World,” I find it difficult to argue sequel extension when a trilogy ends with such gratifying emotional closure. That being said, while “Return of the Jedi” was a satisfying denouement to Luke Skywalker’s personal Jedi Knighthood arc, I couldn’t imagine the saga existing […] More

  • T2 Terminator

    New ‘Terminator’ Reboot Casts Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta and Natalia Reyes

    The new “Terminator” reboot is moving forward with new additions to its cast. Variety is reporting that Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta, and Natalia Reyes have all officially signed on to the project from Skydance Media. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton previously confirmed their participation in the project. While specific plot details are unknown, the film […] More

  • T2 Cover

    Historical Circuit: ‘Terminator 2’ Remains One of the Greatest Sequels Ever

    There aren’t many directors that can live up to their original hit films. Steve Spielberg is strong, but not outside of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” it’s not great. “The Dark Knight” outshines the rest of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Sam Raimi made some solid “Evil Dead” and “Spider-Man” films. Yet James Cameron is king […] More

  • Mackenzie Davis

    Mackenzie Davis Set to Star in ‘Terminator’ Reboot

    Mackenzie Davis is heading to the “Terminator” reboot, according to an exclusive report from Variety. While exact plot details are still unknown, Variety’s report says that Davis will play a terminator much like Schwarzeneggar’s role in the first film. Franchise creator James Cameron has de-canonized everything that came after his 1991 hit, “Terminator 2.” This […] More