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  • top 10 lgbtq movie characters

    Top 10: LGBTQ+ Movie Characters (0 submissions)

    Pride month continues with familiar faces who represent the best that LGBTQ+ cinema has to offer. Some are hard to love, some harder to let go, but all of them have profoundly touched the inner lives of the queer community pre and post-closet. An array of exceptional Hollywood talent brought these dynamic protagonists to life, […] More

  • moonlight film

    Top 10: Adaptations of LGBTQ Stories

    For June Pride Month, it’s important to consider some of the greatest LGBTQ onscreen stories began as books, plays, or other non-film mediums. This Top 10 list honors these originators as well as the directors who brought those cherished works to life. Rather than compare the merits of source material and adaptation, we celebrate the […] More

  • birdcage1

    Top 10: Best American Remakes of Foreign Films

    With this week’s release of “Miss Bala”, “The Upside” earlier this month, American remakes of foreign films are a hot trend in Hollywood right now. Of course, this is nothing new, as American filmmakers have long borrowed from world cinema since the earliest days of the medium. While many of these fail to live up […] More